The Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2020

Published on 2020-02-27 / By Washingborough Hall Hotel

Love is one of life's constants, but our weddings change all the time. You only need to compare Diana's dress to those worn by Kate and Meghan. Meringue is not on trend - unless it's made from aquafaba. More on this later.

Of course, some trends are little more than passing fads, but alongside these gimmicks you'll find authentic ideas which could be your 'something borrowed'. 

Long banquet tables

A simple trestle table, with a floating cloud of tall candlelight and a spray of wildflowers, is an arresting sight.

Sitting in long rows brings a convivial informality to your wedding breakfast. Forget a reductive 'single's table', opt for one or two long tables to transform the dynamic. People can speak across and down the table, and share a relaxed and joyful feast.


One of the most individual wedding trends is to set your own dress code. This can be as kitsch or classy as you choose.

Perhaps you love the romance of the rat pack fifties or the twinkling twenties, why not transport your day to an era? Weddings are a departure from the everyday, and a day when your nearest and dearest have to humour your wildest demands. It's the perfect time to bring out a dress code that channels your style, and will create wonderful wedding photos.

Dress codes

What do flower walls, photobooths, and disposable cameras on wedding tables have in common? Instagram. 

Many of us look at the world through insta-tinted glasses. You're not alone if you've ever found yourself mentally drafting a posts about something you are currently doing. If people are sharing snaps of their meals, of course a wedding will be a Big Feature.

Whatever your views of the app, beautiful touches are always appreciated. We are lucky to be situated in beautiful parkland, with a Georgian manor house that has looked Insta-worthy since c.1730.

But there are plenty of creative and unique decorations that will enhance your wedding's aesthetic, too.


Sustainability is more than a buzzword, it's a monumentous cultural shift unfolding in real time.

Getting married is a commitment to the future, so of course we want to safeguard the future of the world our marriage will exist in. 

What does this mean for weddings? For a start, sourcing local and seasonal food, hiring providers with a strong eco-credentials, re-using and sourcing as much as you can secondhand, then passing on or recycling everything you can after the event.

You can also get creative by having a 'living wall' of decorative plants or requesting that your guests plant trees or donate to tree planting charities in lieu of presents. Pine cones make an environmentally place setting/wedding favour for your guests to plant in their gardens, or wildflower seed balls. We would be delighted if you chose to scatter wildflower seeds in our grounds. 

Floral sculptures

Floral sculptures and clouds are taking off in a big way in weddings this year. Floral displays are leaving the tables in favour of the walls and ceilings. Voluminious and unmissable, floral clouds seem to float in the air, and fill the room with subtle perfume. They deliver on wow-factor.

Embroidered dresses

Embroidered dresses have been popular for a year or so, and this is only set to increase in 2020. Meaningful poetry, choice words and snippets from love letters are embroidered onto your dress to create something beautiful and unique. 


Have roses ever really gone out of fashion? This quintessentially English bloom is delicate, deliciously scented, and lauded as the flower of love.

Soft white and blush pink roses look beautiful in natural organic form bouquets and flower arrangements. As more couples embrace a seasonal and sustainable aesthetic, roses are back in a big way in 2020. 


Wedding dress

More brides are choosing a wedding dress that can be converted into another item for the reception. These are called bridal separates. They allow you to have a fairytale wedding dress for the service, then get your dancing shoes on in the evening. 


Rather than offering a veggie or vegan option, many couples are making their wedding breakfast fully plantbased.

So many delicious meals happen to be veggie or vegan. Others are ingenious copycats- see aquafaba (chickpea water) meringue or mousse. Whatever your own diet, vegetarianism and veganism are on the rise, and this will probably be reflected in your guest list.

Plantbased ingredients are better for the planet, and - let's face it - it's easier to serve everyone the same dish.


Edible flowers

Edible flowers are a delightful addition to meals. Packed with colour and fine details, they look wonderful adorning main dishes and salads and also look great in ice cubes. 

wedding gallery17

If you are getting married this year, we hope these wedding trends will give you ideas and inspiration. That said, weddings are highly individual affairs. It is important to follow your heart and let the day reflect you as a couple. When you marry at Washingborough Hall, our wonderful wedding team are on hand to assist you in bringing your dream day to life. Our elegant country house and its enchanting gardens make the perfect setting for an intimate and individual wedding. 

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