Dress Code

We do occasionally receive a small amount flak for allowing people dressed in a scruffy manner into the restaurant for dinner and Sunday lunch. We have, since taking over never had an official dress code. Whilst the majority of our guests do like to dress up for dining at Washingborough Hall we don’t feel it necessary to impose a formal rule governing this. Society is changing and as such we need to move with the times. A number of guests arrive at Washingborough Hall for the first time feeling embarrassingly underdressed – that is neither their fault nor ours so why should we compound the issue by causing more distress?

We recently enjoyed a delightful Afternoon Tea at The Ritz in London – I knew I had to wear a jacket and trousers from a visit some years ago but I had failed to bring a tie – this was no problem as the men’s locker room offered a choice from dozens of ties to make up for my error.

We don’t intend on going down this route at Washingborough Hall just yet, but we do ask that our dining guests do ‘dress up’ when visiting. We aim to be traditional in our values and offer an experience which is special and memorable.