Top 5 reasons to visit Lincoln Castle this Autumn

Published on 2022-09-27 / By James Matthews

There’s no better symbol of our country’s history than a castle, and Lincoln Castle is no exception. From momentous battles to landmark events, Lincoln Castle is by far one of the most important buildings in Lincolnshire’s history.

Whether you’re looking to explore the castle’s past, take in the stunning views from its walls, or even do a spot of Halloween ghost hunting, here are five of the best reasons to visit Lincoln Castle this Autumn.



Discover where history is made

Built on the orders of William the Conqueror himself in 1068, Lincoln Castle has almost 2,000 years of history to show you.

Possibly the biggest attraction for history buffs is the copy of Magna Carta on display at Lincoln Castle. This is one of only four surviving originals dating back to 1215 and is stored in a state-of-the-art vault beneath the castle. There’s also an exhibition and a 210º cinema room to bring this extraordinary charter to life.

The Archaeology Exhibition at Lincoln Castle can take you even further back in time. In the exhibition are artefacts uncovered from beneath Lincoln Castle itself, dating as far back as the first century AD when Lincoln was still the Roman city of Lindum Colonia.

As well as Roman and medieval history, Lincoln Castle was also home to a debtors' prison that was built in 1788 and used until the Victorian era. You can explore Lincoln Castle yourself, or take a free guided tour to learn all about its remarkable past.

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Immerse yourself in the castle’s story

Lincoln Castle isn’t just a great place to learn about history, it’s a great place to experience it firsthand.

The Medieval Wall Walk is a great way to tour Lincoln Castle while getting a feel for what life was like for the soldiers defending it. Take the stairs or accessible lift up to the castle’s battlements and imagine yourself patrolling them to keep Lincoln and its people safe.

The Wall Walk also gives you stunning views over Lincoln and the surrounding county, with separate audio guides for adults and children available to help you identify what you see.

Down in Lincoln Castle’s grounds, there’s the Heritage Skills Centre, where you can get hands-on taster sessions in stained glass crafts, stone carving and silversmithing.


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Relax like royalty in Lincoln Castle's grounds

Whether you’re taking a pit stop between exploring the halls or you want to make the most of a beautiful day, Lincoln Castle has plenty of places to relax outdoors.

The castle grounds are free to explore and make an excellent setting for a picnic. Dotted around the grounds are plaques telling the story of Lincoln Castle and its residents, so you can create your own history trail if you’ve got little ones to entertain.

And if the weather takes a turn for the worst, or if you just want to warm up with coffee and a cake, you can unwind in Langton’s Cafe with a view over Lincoln Castle's grounds.

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Family-friendly events

Lincoln Castle isn’t just about soaking up what happened in the past. The castle also runs exhibits and events throughout the year to add something extra-special to your visit.

Until 9th October, Lincoln castle will be home to Lucy the Dragon, a fantastical sculpture emerging from the castle walls. If you’re visiting with children, Lucy is accompanied by an activity story book for them to enjoy.

The open-air Luna Cinema also has showings of new and classic films through late September and early October. Make sure to check Lincoln Castle’s website before your visit to see what events they have coming up.

If you want to visit with your four-legged friends, Lincoln Castle also has special dog-friendly weekends every month.

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Hunt for ghosts in the castle halls

It wouldn’t be Autumn without a few spooky season tips, and thanks to its unique history Lincoln Castle has its fair share of ghosts to watch out for.

The old debtors’ prison is a true haunted hotspot. Staff and visitors over the years have reported plenty of rattling cell doors and unexplained voices. The most common sighting is of a young mother and her baby on the prison steps, but it’s also said that ghostly figures like to show up in the prison chapel too.

Outside the prison, Lincoln Castle is famous for its horse and rider. This ghostly horseman was said to have been riding to the castle with a royal pardon for one of the prisoners, but arrived too late to stop the execution and is still trying to deliver the pardon to this day.

Queen's Funeral Hero

When you’ve finished exploring…

Sadly you can’t cap off your visit by staying in Lincoln Castle itself – if the ghost stories haven’t put you off, that is. But when it’s time to rest your head you can enjoy a truly royal stay at Washingborough Hall. With luxury accommodation and fine dining in our stunning Georgian country house, there’s no better base for exploring Lincolnshire.

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