Exclusive-Use Wedding Venues: What Are They and Why Should I Book One?

Published on 2023-09-20

So. You're planning a wedding. You're looking for the perfect setting for your big day. And in the course of your research, you've heard of these things called 'exclusive-use wedding venues'.
You probably have a few questions rattling around your head. Questions like, 'What are exclusive-use wedding venues?', 'Are they worth it?' and 'What makes them so "exclusive", anyway?'
We're one step ahead of you. Take five minutes to read our guide and you'll soon know if exclusive use is right for you.

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What are exclusive-use wedding venues?

Exclusive-use wedding venues give you full, unfettered access to their venue, grounds and facilities.

It's like the difference between flying Aer Lingus and chartering a private jet. Both will get you where you need to be. However, one provides a little more privacy, luxury and convenience than the other.

Before we go any further, let's make this very clear. There's nothing wrong with choosing a standard wedding package. Use a trusted venue like Washingborough Hall and you can expect great service and a fairytale atmosphere, whether you have exclusive use of the place or not.

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Should I choose an exclusive-use venue?

It all comes down to personal preference.

If you believe a wedding should be a public celebration – and you don't mind sharing your special day with others – then you're probably safe to stick with a shared venue, where guests enjoying a romantic break for two may share the same communal spaces as your guests. Of course, when it comes to the ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening do, these are guest-list only events.

If, however, you value privacy and think your wedding should be about friends and family for the entire day, then you might want to consider exclusive-use wedding venues instead.

Privacy isn't the only perk, though. Exclusive-use venues promise a swathe of benefits that shared venues can't match.

Again, there's nothing wrong with sharing your big day – and shared venues have many advantages of their own. But even if you're a 'more-the-merrier' kind of bride or groom, these boons might give you pause for thought.

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Exclusive-use wedding venues are more intimate

There's no two ways about it. Exclusive-use wedding venues just feel more intimate than their non-exclusive counterparts.

Let's think back to that private jet. You've got miles of legroom. The stewards are at your beck and call. You don't have to worry about over-enthusiastic holidaymakers or screaming kids. It's just you, your friends and the soothing hum of the engine.

It's a similar story with exclusive-use venues. They shine the spotlight on you and your loved ones. They offer peace and quiet. And they guarantee great service from attentive staff.

This isn't the same as just wanting a bit of privacy. It's about recognising that your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. It's about saying, 'Yes, for just one day, I will be the prince or princess of my very own fairytale, thank you very much.'

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Exclusive-use venues are more convenient

All good things must come to an end, including wedding receptions.

At a shared venue, this means ushering everyone off the dance floor and into a cortege of taxis. They'll go home with happy memories – but wouldn't it be better if they didn't have to go home at all?

Here's the thing about exclusive-use wedding venues. If, like Washingborough Hall, the venue doubles as a hotel, then guests only have to head upstairs before flopping into bed.

It's miles more convenient for guests – and it means that everyone can rise, dine and say their goodbyes together in the morning.

Wedding table decor

Exclusive-use venues help you capture the magic

Let's raise a glass to wedding photographers. They've got a tough job.

They're there to capture moments that you can treasure forever. But that's easier said than done when you throw camera-shy relatives, inclement weather and Uncle Steve's 'funny' faces into the mix.

Oh. And let's not forget photobombers.

You know the score. Your photographer has lined up the perfect shot. Their finger trembles on the shutter. Then a random child runs into frame, sporting a silly hat, muddy hands and a less-than-serious expression.

Exclusive-use wedding venues avoid this problem entirely. The only people in the shot will be the people you've invited – no exceptions.

Wedding photographers run a tight schedule. Exclusive-use venues make life easier for them and mean you can spend less time posing and more time soaking up the atmosphere.

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Exclusive-use venues are all-inclusive (usually)

We can't speak for all exclusive-use wedding venues here. Some might be more accommodating than others.

Generally speaking, though, exclusive-use wedding packages tend to be all-inclusive. You pay one price and get the whole kit and caboodle: venue hire, catering, waiting staff… You name it.

If the venue also has rooms, you'll usually be given accommodation for the night too. After all, 'exclusive' means exclusive. The whole venue is yours to enjoy (barring staff-only areas, of course).

Not only is this more convenient for you and your guests, but it also means you won't face nasty surprises. The price you see is the price you pay.

That said, it's worth being mindful of small print. For instance, many venues will have a stock of wedding decorations on hand for you to use. But if you want to customise your décor, you'll have to source and pay for the decorations yourself.

It's a good idea to ask questions early on so you know where you stand. A good wedding venue will do all it can to make your matrimonial dreams come true.

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Looking for an exclusive-use venue in Lincolnshire?

Washingborough Hall is a gorgeous, Grade II-listed manor house hotel surrounded by acres of lush Lincolnshire countryside.

It's as fairytale as you can get without shelling out for a spell book. And it's available for your exclusive use on your special day.

Choose our exclusive-use wedding package and you'll enjoy free rein of our house and grounds from 11.30 AM to 11.00 AM the following day.

The package also includes 20 rooms for you and your guests. You'll stay in our magnificent bridal suite, complete with an en-suite bathroom, a roll-top bath and warm, sumptuous décor.

And, of course, we'll pull out all the stops to make your wedding unforgettable. You'll work closely with our Director of Romance, who'll make sure that everything runs just the way you want it to.

Want to know more? Take a look at our exclusive-use wedding offer – and start dreaming of the best day of your life.

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