Christmas Wedding Flowers

Published on 2022-11-24 / By Belinda Dixon

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” And it’s not just Andy Williams who thinks that. Each year thousands of couples choose Christmas as the time to have their big day. But can you opt for a Winter wedding and still have glorious blooms? The answer is a resounding YES! Read on to find out how.

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Seasonal Christmas wedding flowers

As always with wedding flowers, you can choose those that are in bloom, or ones that don’t flower in the UK at your time of year. While we might not think Winter offers much floral choice, in reality, you have plenty of options for Christmas wedding flowers. 

Here are just some of our favourites:

Hellebores Helleborus niger, known as the Christmas rose, can bloom as early as mid-December. It has beautiful, round flowers and masses of rich foliage. 

There are around 20 other varieties of hellebores. Ranging from green and white to pink and rose, they’re the perfect Christmas wedding flower for multiple colour schemes.

Winter camellia: Another seasonal classic, producing gorgeous blooms – known for their soft petals and wide variety of flower forms.

Phalaenopsis: Also known as moth orchids, phalaenopsis is the most popular orchid in the UK. Its graceful flowers come in a dizzying variety of colours, adding an exotic touch to Christmas wedding flower displays.

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Colours for Christmas wedding flowers

Rest assured, you’ve got plenty of options for your Christmas wedding flowers’ colour-scheme. Bold, rich tones work superbly, helping create a warm atmosphere and cosy feel. Equally, Winter is the perfect time for subtler colours to shine, evoking elegance, purity and calm.

Rich burgundy, plus white, peach or cream: Add greenery for a classic Christmas feel

Orange and purple: Creates warmth and depth galore

Pure cream or white: Conjures an elegant, timeless atmosphere

Muted tones: Team white with blush colours for a vintage ambience

Metallic and neutral: These accents can enhance a festive feel

Pastels: Delicate blues and pinks work well in the Winter months

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Festive Christmas wedding flowers

An obvious theme for Christmas wedding flowers is a festive one. In fact, if Christmas is your Winter wedding motivation, reflecting that in your floral arrangements is a must. Favourite festive wedding flower themes include:

Christmas red: Holly berries, Santa’s jacket, Rudolf’s nose – for many the classic Christmas colour is red. So it plays a key role in many festive wedding colour schemes. Especially when teamed with green foliage and ivory blooms.

Creative Winter wreaths: We see them on countless doors over the festive season. At your wedding, could they be anywhere from table decorations to miniature buttonholes?

Festive colours, textures and vibes: From burgundy blooms, via pine cones to Christmassy garlands – options abound.

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Additions to Christmas wedding flowers

As ever with wedding flowers, it’s not all about the blooms. In fact, a big part of any arrangement – from the bouquets to the centre pieces – is what you put with them. In planning your Christmas wedding flowers, you have a wealth of opportunities to bring exciting seasonal additions to your floral displays. 

Foliage: Seasonal additions include holy, ivy and pine fronds

Berries: Could holly berries, cranberries or juniper berries work?

Lichen-covered twigs: Bring the outdoors in with a rustic vibe

Fairy lights: Add a touch of festive magic to displays

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A DIY approach?

Consider DIY Winter wedding bouquets and arrangements – perhaps drafting in a talented friend. Choose between either UK or imported flowers, then unleash your creative juices. 

You’ll want to factor in structure, focal and supporting flowers, texture, and how your Christmas wedding flowers can complement your overall theme.

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Christmas wedding flowers – centrepieces

How you theme the centrepieces of your Christmas wedding flowers depends on your vision for your big day.  Is it Winter chic, full-on-festive or something in between? 

The good news is, whatever your preference, a Winter wedding can deliver something that’s right for you:

Poinsettias: A classic Christmas plant. Their dramatic red leaves form a striking focal point of a seasonal wedding centrepiece.

Festive classics: How might holly, ivy, pine springs and pine cones enhance your displays?

Potted amaryllis flowers: The ideal focal point of a Christmas centrepiece

Garlands: A classically festive addition

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