2023 food trends to get your taste buds tingling

Published on 2023-01-16 / By Belinda Dixon

From sustainability, seasonality and using local produce, to experience-driven dining and offering customers just what they need – the latest 2023 food trends promise exciting dining throughout the year. So read on for Washingborough Hall Hotel’s take on how those trends could transform the food on your plate.

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Being sustainable

Sustainability continues to be a massive driver in terms of 2023 food trends. Environmental concerns now play a big part in many people’s decision-making. In fact, according to the business magazine Forbes, two thirds of consumers are prepared to pay more for sustainable products. 

So how should that shape the kinds of meals we’re offered in hotels and restaurants in 2023? It boils down (excuse the pun) to eating dishes that have made as little impact as possible on things like greenhouse gas emissions. 

For restaurants, as it does at home, this includes things like energy-efficient appliances and composting. But more significant impacts in 2023 can also be secured by two key things: using and supporting local producers and serving seasonal food.

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Using & supporting local produce

It makes huge sense – why fly an ingredient half way around the word, when you can source something from the fields within 10 miles. It’s estimated “food miles” (the distance food travels in its journey from producer to consumer) are responsible for around 6% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. So a massive 2023 food trend is for restaurants to use local produce.

It’s an ethos that’s championed by people like Mark Cheseldine, the Head Chef at Washingborough Hall. He’s passionate about the rich agricultural and food producing economy in Lincolnshire and the surrounding area.

Together with his team of skilled chefs, Mark secured two AA Rosettes for the hotel’s restaurant in July 2019. A key component of that success is a carefully curated selection of the region’s finest produce – an ethos that’s secured Washingborough a Taste of Excellence, Lincolnshire Life Magazine 2022 Food Drink Award. 

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Serving seasonal food

In essence, we have a choice. Keep eating the same food year-round – which might mean it needs to be transported significant distances or eat the produce from our local area when it’s naturally available. 

Seasonal food is richly rewarding to eat. The excitement and enjoyment of waiting for and indulging in the asparagus, purple-sprouting broccoli, rhubarb and strawberry seasons is hard to beat. Which makes seasonality another top 2023 food trend. 

At Washingborough Hall Hotel, we believe the dishes we serve should depend on what’s good, fresh, and available locally. Which is why, depending on the season, you might find watercress, seasonal squash, parsnips, cauliflower and Lincolnshire Plumb Bread.

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Offering Choice

Gone are the days when, as customers, we're prepared to go along with a dining experience that isn’t actually what we want. And as the types of ingredients we can buy in supermarkets continue to grow and mushrooming social media makes us ever more aware of the sheer diversity of dishes available, we want 2023 foods trends that wow and inspire through choice. 

It might be in the types of meals, the times and days when they can eat, or the types of dining experiences. Formal and elegant, or hearty and relaxed – in 2023 increasingly you'll get to call the foodie shots.

At Washingborough Hall Hotel you can already choose the kind of eating experience you want. The Dining Room offers sophisticated dishes, elegant heritage features and exquisite views. The Lounge Bar delivers a fabulously relaxed vibe, country-chic decor and laid-back fine dining.

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Creating an incredible dining experience

A focus on where you eat, as well as what you eat, is another 2023 food trend. It reflects a now-established customer preference to buy experiences, not things. This trend sees an increasing number of people wanting to gift loved ones a special occasion rather than (for example) the latest tech product. 

And this translates into eating out. We want that meal to be memorable for the food, but also the wider dining experience. This means a key 2023 food trend is that the following factors matter almost as much as the food:

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The location

Location, location, location – this was famously the response of a UK property magnate when asked what three things most affect house prices. While the same isn’t quite true of dining out, we are becoming more and more aware that a restaurant’s location makes a massive difference to our visit. 

If the venue is set amid fabulous scenery, you can enjoy a scenic hike before lunch. If it’s close to an exciting city, you can combine your meal with top-notch historic and cultural attractions. Again, this 2023 food trend is all about maximising your experience.   

Which means Washingborough Hall hotel is firmly on-trend. Just 2 miles from the historic city of Lincoln, it’s perfectly placed for cultural explorations. You’re within easy reach of first-rate museums and art galleries, as well as 11th century Lincoln Castle and medieval Lincoln Cathedral. A clutch of fine performance spaces includes Lincoln’s elegant Victorian New Theatre Royal.

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The venue

While the building your meal is served in won’t affect the taste, it absolutely affects the ambiance. And the same 2023 food trend that means customers demand richer experiences, means we’re also increasingly picky about wanting a great venue. Heritage-rich rooms, stylish decor, an intimate atmosphere, excellent service – all intensify our enjoyment. Venues that deliver on this in 2023 will continue to thrive.

Grade II-listed Washingborough Hall dates from around 1750 and has been lovingly refurbished, retaining the elegant Georgian character while delivering an exciting, contemporary menu. We’re proud to offer bags of atmosphere, exquisite decor and friendly, efficient service.

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2023 food trends at Washingborough Hall Hotel

These 2023 food trends should help make dining out this year a fabulous, enjoyable, memorable experience – if you choose a venue that knows the things it needs to provide and can deliver them.

At Washingborough Hall Hotel we have the insight and the experience to do just that.  Our teams work hard to support local producers and small firms as sustainably as we can. 

Our bewitching rural setting on the edge of the historic city of Lincoln delivers in terms of location. It combines with an exceptional 4-star manor house hotel that’s rich in Georgian features and is set in three acres of mature gardens and woods. 

We offer choice between elegant fine dining and exceptional relaxed, hearty lounge-bar meals. And we’re proud to create memorable experiences as well as exquisite food.

Discover how dining at Washingborough Hall Hotel echoes 2023 food trends today.

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