Our Story

Our Past

Our enchanting manor house has a rich and full-bodied history, dating back to around 1730 when it was the private home of the Fairfax Family. It changed ownership many times over the next couple of centuries, being handed down through a combination of families and parish Reverends. Notable owners during this period included Sir William Amcotts-Ingilby, M.P. From one of the richest families in Lincolnshire, he was renowned throughout the land for his jaunty style, wild clothes and idiosyncratic green hat!

Intriguingly, it was as World War II was raging through Europe that ‘Washy Hall’ would change forever. The manor house became a welcoming home to weary airmen and, after the war ended, it opened as a nursing home. But this still wasn’t to be its final vocation, oh no! Somewhat surprisingly it was used as a nightclub for a few years before discovering its destiny as one of Lincoln’s best restaurants and (thankfully) a country house hotel. Click here for the full story.

Our Present

Today, Washingborough Hall Country House Hotel is the treasured family business of Edward and Lucy Herring. Born and bred in Lincolnshire, Edward and Lucy own and run the hotel (whilst juggling the demands of their three young daughters)!

Lucy, with her background as a successful Cordon Bleu cook, having trained at the Tante Marie Culinary Academy (part owned by Gordon Ramsay Holdings) now works closely with Head Chefs, Mark Cheseldine and Anthony Smith. 

Edward’s background is in the licensed and leisure industry - formerly a Chartered Surveyor he can now mainly be found in the office or adding some pristine stripes to the lawns in the garden! His passion for fine food and wine is tempered only by his fixation with wood burning stoves.


A word from Edward and Lucy…“Washingborough Hall held a love at first sight attraction for us. It has a real sense of magic, which probably explains why it’s such a popular wedding venue! Together, we have worked diligently to maintain the hotel’s elegance, and have filled it with a team of lovely, like-minded folk. 2017 was a really busy year for us with the conversion of our private managers accommodation into six more delightful bedrooms called Church House."