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Online searches for hotels

Over 20 per cent of consumer online searches for hotels made via mobile devices

The latest online search data released by award-winning digital marketing agency, Greenlight, reveals 21 per cent of the 2.5 million UK consumer online searches for hotels in May, were made using mobile devices.

The agency’s independent quarterly Hotels Sector Report – Issue 16 profiles the most popular terms UK consumers used when they went to Google UK to look for hotels in domestic, short haul and long haul destinations in May, and charts the vendors who were most visible to those searches, on both computers (laptops/desktops) and mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

According to the report, a total of 522,115 online searches were made for hotels using mobile devices. ‘Hotels’ was the most popular search term, accounting for six per cent of mobile searches followed by ‘cheap hotels’ with four per cent.