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Make sure you tell everybody…

Make sure you tell everybody…

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Hotels failing to adequately market their properties and facilities

Over a third (34 per cent) of guests that had stayed in a UK hotel within the last year didn’t know about the amenities it offered such as a bars, restaurants or spas until it was too late.

The survey by has also revealed that almost three quarters (74 per cent) of guests would have perhaps liked to know about them so that they could book, meaning that hotels are missing out on valuable upselling opportunities on top of the initial room booking.

The survey also showed that over a third (38 per cent) do not read the in-room welcome pack, indicating that they may have lost some of their virtue as a marketing tool. Isabella Glendinning, vice president of sales and marketing Europe at, commented: “The hotel industry is an incredibly saturated marketplace with many fighting over each other to get more heads on pillows and fill up vacancies. What our research shows, however, is that UK hotels may be missing a very important trick in terms of upselling all of their amenities to secure additional sales on top of the reservation.

“We live in a society where consumers are constantly on the move and demanding information in real-time. They need this information thrown at them in an easily digestible format. Hoteliers should adapt by showcasing amenities with high resolution images and updating any promotions in real time, giving guests a chance to plan their stay before they even arrive at the hotel,” Isabella added.